Bookish Product Reviews: Stormteas from Adagio Teas

Book Product Reviews

I’ve been looking to start this portion of my blog and finally have the chance to do so with some of my more recent bookish purchases. The first review I have is for the fandom tea blend Stormteas from Adagio Teas based off of Cora Carmack’s newest novel, Roar. I actually created these blends myself and it was a fun process to figure out what flavors I thought would match the different storms mentioned in the books, as well as the artwork for the tins. Some of the storms are pretty destructive, but I didn’t want the teas to taste horrible. In all, it’s a pretty solid set blend. It is $24 for the set of 6 ($4/ea) or you can purchase single samplers of each for $5.
Purchase the teas here.


img_3727Skyfire Affinity

Teas: White Tangerine, Rooibos Lemon Cloud, Snowbud, accented w/ Safflower.
Steep Instructions: 190* for 4 minutes
Caffeine Level: Low
My Rating: Even though this tea has low caffeine, the citrus really energizes you. There’s a bit of a fizzy feeling from the taste, but it’s not carbonated – it’s a very light tea. I like that it has a yellowish color to it for lightning.


Twister Affinity

Teas: Chocolate Chai, Vanilla Green, Cinnamon, accented w/ Cocoa Nibs.
Steep Instructions: 205* for 3 minutes
Caffeine Level: High
My Rating: Fun thing about this tea is that it started steeping in a greenish color then turned into this darker brown. Smells chocolatey and earthy. This one I didn’t want to make super harsh, but it’s definitely got a spicy kick to it due to the cinnamon and chai.

img_3734Thunderstorm Affinity

Teas: Earl Grey Bravo, Ginger, Peach, accented w/ Cornflowers
Steep Instructions: 212* for 3 minutes
Caffeine Level: High
My Rating: the aroma of this one is quite strong in the leaves, yet mellows once steeped. I suggest adding honey to this one to really bring out the peach and ginger or the earl grey will overpower. Reminds me of summer thunderstorms in the south.


img_3742Firestorm Affinity

Teas: Gunpowder, Spiced Apple Chai, Blood Orange, accented w/ hibiscus
Steep Instructions: 205* for 4 minutes
Caffeine Level: Moderate
My Rating: I’m so glad the red came out in this tea (thank you hibiscus flowers). Firestorm is spicy, but the apple/orange flavors blend to create this cozy/warm taste…much like a fireside.


img_3757Snowstorm Affinity

Teas: Candy Cane, Vanilla, Cream, accented w/ Candy Canes
Steep Instructions: 212* for 3 minutes
Caffeine Level: High
My Rating: I’m only rating this as okay since I’m just not a personal fan of minty teas. I did enjoy it paired with a chocolate biscotti with some cream and honey. From the tin, the peppermint is rather strong, but when steeped it definitely is more subdued. I’d probably drink this tea if I was feeling under the weather since peppermint is good for upset stomachs 🙂

img_3758-1Fog Affinity

Teas: Snowbud, Decaf Earl Grey, Cream, accented w/ Lavender
Steep Instructions: 205* for 3 minutes
Caffeine Level: Moderate
My Rating: This blend definitely lives up to the way fog works in Roar – tastes mellow and calming, yet there’s a fuzzy/hazy feeling it gives. Pretty solid brew and even with the caffeine count in it, it would be a decent night drink.

If you end up purchasing these teas for yourself or as a gift, please come back to let me know what you think about them and be sure to give them a review on Adagio. If you would like a $5 off your first purchase on the site, drop a comment too so I can send you a gift certificate.
Happy Steeping!

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The Friday 56 [3]



The Friday 56 (with Instagram 56) – Hosted by Freda’s Voice is an easy prompt where you grab a book, any book, and turn to page 56 or 56% on your eReader. Find a sentence that grabs you and post it either on your blog or on Instagram tagged with #Friday56.


“Libraries were full of ideas – perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”

So I had seen this quote floating around the internet and I’m happy to see that it fell on one of my quote post days. It is true that books can help foster ideas which are powerful if you know how to use them. I will say that books have been a bit of my saving grace these past few months. I think my husband might have noticed a change too in how I’ve been acting. I received a diagnosis of depression back in middle school, along with ADD. Those paired along with the anxiety I have developed in college are a nasty combo. Books have been a great way for me to clear my head and to push the negative thoughts out the door. At least books are cheaper than therapy.

Do you relate to this passage in a way? Let me know in the comments!

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#WAYRW [4]


What Are You Reading Wednesday – Hosted by It’s a Reading Thing

A weekly feature where you can answer the questions in the comments section of the weekly #WAYRW post or link back to your #WAYRW post on your blog via the link up.


1. What’s the name of your current read?

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

2. Go to page 34 in your book or 34% in your eBook and share a couple of sentences.

“Above his unadorned white shirt was a fine cobalt-blue jerkin trimmed with gold. She would have snorted, but he did look rather good in his knee-high brown boots. And his leather belt did go nicely  – even though the hunting knife seemed a bit too bejeweled.”

3. Would you like to live in the world that exists within your book? Why or why not?

I’m only a few pages in so far, so I’m not 100% sold on the world just yet. From what I have experienced so far, it seems that the ruling kingdom of the area Celaena is currently in uses their wealth too frivolously and is too hard on conquered people. So, with that being said, at this moment it’s a no.

I totally know that I’m WAY behind on reading this series (5 years too late), but I wanted to hear why others who enjoy SJM’s the A Court of Thorns and Roses series liked about the Throne of Glass series. Obviously, I’m a fan of the aforementioned series, but I need to keep reading ToG to see how I feel about it. It definitely starts off with a high-fantasy vibe which is WAY different than how ACOTAR started. I also have a crack-theory that the Fae that were driven out of the lands of Erilea are the same Fae that control the lands of Prythian.

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#WAYRW [3]

What Are You Reading Wednesday – Hosted by It’s a Reading Thing

A weekly feature where you can answer the questions in the comments section of the weekly #WAYRW post or link back to your #WAYRW post on your blog via the link up.


1. What’s the name of your current read?

Ensnared by Rita Stradling

2. Go to page 34 in your book or 34% in your eBook and share a couple of sentences.

“The banging on Alainn’s door came twenty-six hours after she missed dinner. Twenty-six hours in which she’d lain in the bed, unmoving in her underwear. At some point, she realized the necessity of food and found a sandwich with spongy and cold melted cheese waiting in its drawer. Later when she’d checked the restroom, she found all the womanly supplies she needed. It seemed that Rosebud 03AF planned to keep her humanity a secret. Alainn still hadn’t decided on whether she should.”

3. Would you like to live in the world that exists within your book? Why or why not?

There hasn’t been much outside world development to make a choice based on that – this is a book set in the future, and I’m totally down for robots one day to help with day to day tasks and such, but so far I’m not sure I’m not sure if I want to live in this future or not. 

Is anyone else reading Ensnared? I was able to receive my copy to read from NetGalley and cannot wait to see how this book unfolds as a futuristic version of Beauty and the Beast.


February 2017: Monthly Wrap


So I’m a few days late into writing up my February wrap-up. Honestly, I totally don’t know where the time went. Seriously, how in the world are we already into March?! Maybe it’s because it’s absolutely freezing up here in the New England and there is a possibility for snow in the forecast this weekend, that makes it seem like March and Spring is too far away. It’s crazy that I started this blog a month ago and have already started making friends in the book community and even made it onto a street team to promote a book! I’m really hoping that by keeping this blog, I can start using it as a jumping point for landing a job closer to my degree (B.A. English). I’d honestly love to work with publishers in any way and this feels like a step in the right direction.

So, here’s the wrap up for the month:
I was able to get through 6 books this month! You’d think this wasn’t a big deal with someone who had to read all the time for their degree, but when it’s for pleasure that’s an awesome achievement. I am nowhere near getting through all the books I need to review for publishers or that have been sitting on my shelf, but if I can keep pushing through at that pace or more I will totally hit my goals. Speaking of goals, I’m reading 50 books in 2017 as far as my Goodreads Challenge goes. As of today, March 7th, I’m two books ahead of schedule! Not bad, considering that I started reading at the end of January and was almost 3 weeks behind in the 2017 challenge. You can see what books I’ve read for the year here.
Out of the books that I have read for February, they all were fantastic. I have to give a shout-out to all the Bookstagrammers for posting such fantastic books to check out. I’ve been completely enraptured by the A Court of Mist and Fury fandom and CANNOT WAIT until May for A Court of Wings and Ruin. I need my Rhysand fix and my In The Wick of Time candle only does so much. You can get the candle for yourself here. Another surprising book that I was hesitant about amidst the praise, was Caraval. A lot of readers said that it was comparable to Night Circus – I wasn’t overly thrilled or majorly disappointed in the book, it was just okay for me. I didn’t realize it was a part of a series, so with the cliff-hanger ending of Caraval, I’m pretty exited to see what happens.
This month also brought with it a lot of access to Advance Reader Copies (ARC) of books not out to the public. I had never had the chance to ever get my hands on ARCs or really understood them until talking with a few friends and fellow bloggers about them. Now I have a full eShelf of them to work through reading and get feedback to the authors and publishers! One that I am so excited about being released this year is Roar. I don’t want anyone to think I’m biased (I’m on the promotional street team after all), but it’s such a great start to, what I’m pretty sure will be, an amazing series. You can read past blog posts that contain snippets in a few older posts of mine. I just cannot get over the concept of storm-welding in this book! I think, like a lot of people, we are always fascinated by storms/weather. There is some sort of magic to be had in them, even if we can explain how they’re formed through science. There’s a wonder to it when you see lightning jump from cloud to cloud or how destructively beautiful a tornado is. I could gush on and on about this book and the weather…but you’ll just have to keep an eye on my blog for the full review closer to it’s release, June 13th. Tor Teen, you definitely found something special for trusting in Cora Carmack with this story.

Can’t wait to see what March brings for the blog and what books I’ll read.

Have a magical day!


The Friday 56 [2]


The Friday 56 (with Instagram 56) – Hosted by Freda’s Voice is an easy prompt where you grab a book, any book, and turn to page 56 or 56% on your eReader. Find a sentence that grabs you and post it either on your blog or on Instagram tagged with #Friday56.

Can anyone guess what book my post is going to be on today? No? Maybe? If you guessed Roar by Cora Carmack, you’re correct – sorry, not sorry. 😉 Even if I wasn’t a part of the Roar Street Team, I’d be super hyped on this book/series since I LOVE the concept.


“But all my life, I’ve felt like something was left out when I was made, like a recipe with a missing ingredient. And it didn’t matter how hard I tried to be better because something in me was inherently…wrong. As if I’d been put into the wrong life by mistake.”

I really connect to Aurora/Rora/Roar in this moment of truth because even though I’ve gone through college, gotten married, etc and did everything I was “supposed” to do in life that others expect of me, there’s still something I feel like I’m missing or that I just not doing what I’m supposed to be doing yet. Hopefully I figure that out one of these days.

Do you relate to this passage in a way?
With all these teasers, are you excited for Roar’s release?
Let me know in the comments!


Thursday Quoteables [1]


Thursday Quotables – Hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies
Highlight a great quote, line, or passage discovered during your reading each week.

So this week is probably going to pretty much be me spamming you about Roar by Cora Carmack since:
A) I’m currently reading it
B) I’m on the street team for the book
But, I’m really enjoying what I’ve read so far and pretty much any quotes I have highlighted in my Kindle are passages from the history of the tempests and the land of Caelira.


“Storms are the greatest predators in existence because they can destroy you with their savage strength or enthrall you with their terrible beauty. Like a poison flower with the stealth of a snake and the ferocity of a lion and the force of all the world’s armies combined.”

-The Tale of Lord Finneus Wolfram 

Everything about the storms/tempests in this book really capture how I feel about them. I’m absolutely in awe of tornadoes, yet even with all the amount of reading I’ve engulfed myself in as a child, they absolutely terrify me. If there’s even a hint of a warning, I’m trying to either pull myself from a window trying to catch a glimpse of one or running to hide in the tub. Maybe that is why I find the theme of this book so interesting.

*Please note that this is an eARC provided to me by Tor Teen/Macmillan Publishing through the Roar Street Team with Cora Carmack. This is not a final copy and quotes and page locations can change in the final version*