Review Information

This Blog’s Ideals

To provide honest, heart-felt book reviews, provide links to books/book related products/etc, and to generally just be a enjoyable place for all book lovers to browse. Feel free to lurk or join in with comments!

Review Policy

I accept books from authors and publishers for review.

I review and accept mainly Young Adult fiction (sub-genres within YA including contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, dystopian, and historical) – I review and accept other books from other genres, but will do so on a case by case basis.

I accept ARCs and finished print copies. I prefer physical copies but will evaluate electronic copies on a case by case basis.

I am not accepting self-published books at this time.

I also accept book themed or related products, not limited to: subscription boxes, bookmarks, candles, bags, prints, mugs, stickers, stationery, etc.

All reviews are my own and are not influenced by payment or pressure of any type. My reviews will be honest and thoughtful, and therefore will not always be positive if I didn’t connect with or enjoy the book, but I will be fair and professional in my analysis.  Reviews will be posted on this blog, on my coordinating Tumblr, on Goodreads, and Amazon. I often tweet and update my status on Goodreads while reading (Twitter).

**Please note: This blog does use Amazon Affiliate links. When purchasing through this blog, a very small commission fee is earned by the blogger which goes toward supporting the blog and future giveaways.**

Please email me at literary(dot)alchemy(at)outlook(dot)com or fill out the contact form below to contact me about providing a review for a product or book and/or sending a finished copy or ARC. Please include a summary of the book, release date, author information, time frame of when you’d like the review to be posted, and any other relevant information (especially regarding why the book would be a good fit for my blog).

Rating System

0 Stars: Did not finish.

1 Star: I didn’t like this book — felt more reading as a chore than reading for pleasure.

2 Stars: This book needed something different to make me like it.

3 Stars: This book was good. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. I would recommend based on certain tastes.

4 Stars: This book was enjoyable. I’m glad I read it.

5 Stars: This book was amazing! I will probably read it again — A new favorite.

Contact Form

All business inquiries, requests for reviews, interviews, and questions/comments that cannot be answered via a public comment can be sent directly to my email through this contact form.