February 2017: Monthly Wrap


So I’m a few days late into writing up my February wrap-up. Honestly, I totally don’t know where the time went. Seriously, how in the world are we already into March?! Maybe it’s because it’s absolutely freezing up here in the New England and there is a possibility for snow in the forecast this weekend, that makes it seem like March and Spring is too far away. It’s crazy that I started this blog a month ago and have already started making friends in the book community and even made it onto a street team to promote a book! I’m really hoping that by keeping this blog, I can start using it as a jumping point for landing a job closer to my degree (B.A. English). I’d honestly love to work with publishers in any way and this feels like a step in the right direction.

So, here’s the wrap up for the month:
I was able to get through 6 books this month! You’d think this wasn’t a big deal with someone who had to read all the time for their degree, but when it’s for pleasure that’s an awesome achievement. I am nowhere near getting through all the books I need to review for publishers or that have been sitting on my shelf, but if I can keep pushing through at that pace or more I will totally hit my goals. Speaking of goals, I’m reading 50 books in 2017 as far as my Goodreads Challenge goes. As of today, March 7th, I’m two books ahead of schedule! Not bad, considering that I started reading at the end of January and was almost 3 weeks behind in the 2017 challenge. You can see what books I’ve read for the year here.
Out of the books that I have read for February, they all were fantastic. I have to give a shout-out to all the Bookstagrammers for posting such fantastic books to check out. I’ve been completely enraptured by the A Court of Mist and Fury fandom and CANNOT WAIT until May for A Court of Wings and Ruin. I need my Rhysand fix and my In The Wick of Time candle only does so much. You can get the candle for yourself here. Another surprising book that I was hesitant about amidst the praise, was Caraval. A lot of readers said that it was comparable to Night Circus – I wasn’t overly thrilled or majorly disappointed in the book, it was just okay for me. I didn’t realize it was a part of a series, so with the cliff-hanger ending of Caraval, I’m pretty exited to see what happens.
This month also brought with it a lot of access to Advance Reader Copies (ARC) of books not out to the public. I had never had the chance to ever get my hands on ARCs or really understood them until talking with a few friends and fellow bloggers about them. Now I have a full eShelf of them to work through reading and get feedback to the authors and publishers! One that I am so excited about being released this year is Roar. I don’t want anyone to think I’m biased (I’m on the promotional street team after all), but it’s such a great start to, what I’m pretty sure will be, an amazing series. You can read past blog posts that contain snippets in a few older posts of mine. I just cannot get over the concept of storm-welding in this book! I think, like a lot of people, we are always fascinated by storms/weather. There is some sort of magic to be had in them, even if we can explain how they’re formed through science. There’s a wonder to it when you see lightning jump from cloud to cloud or how destructively beautiful a tornado is. I could gush on and on about this book and the weather…but you’ll just have to keep an eye on my blog for the full review closer to it’s release, June 13th. Tor Teen, you definitely found something special for trusting in Cora Carmack with this story.

Can’t wait to see what March brings for the blog and what books I’ll read.

Have a magical day!


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